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Glossary of Magnetic Terms

The following is an alphabetical list of some of the key magnetic terminology that you may come across on this website. If you have any questions on terms that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.

CGS  -  Abbreviation for the "Centimeter, Grams, Second" system of measurement.

Coercive Force (Hc)  -  The demagnetisation force (reverse field), measured in Oersteds, necessary to reduce the magnetisation to zero after the magnet has previously been brought to saturation.

Intrinsic Coercive force (Hci)  -  Measured in Oersteds in the CGS system, this is a measure of the material's inherent ability to resist demagnetisation. It is the demagnetisation force corresponding to zero intrinsic induction in the magnetic material after saturation. Practical consequences of high Hci values are seen in greater temperature stability for a given class of material, and greater stability in dynamic operating conditions.

Max Magnetic Energy Product, BH (max)  -  The magnetic field strength at the point of maximum energy product of a magnetic material.  The field strength of fully saturated magnetic material measured in Mega Gauss Oersteds, MGOe.

Mega Gauss Oersted, MGOe  -  Mega (million) Gauss Oersteds. Unit of measure typically used in stating the maximum energy product for a given material.

Oersted, Oe  -  A unit of magnetic field strength or magnetizing force.

Remanence, Br (min)  -  Measured in gauss or tesla, remanence is a measure of the remaining magnetisation when the driving field has dropped to zero. Higher grade magnets have a higher remanence, e.g. N50 grade is higher than N45 grade.

Saturation  -  This is a condition where all magnetic moments have become oriented in one direction.


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